Introducing Cobalt Consulting Group

Description: JHU’s newest student-run healthcare and life-sciences consulting group

An Exciting New Chapter

Cobalt Consulting Group was founded in 2020 to bridge the rapidly budding business community with the prestigious biomedical atmosphere of Johns Hopkins!

Cobalt is entirely operated by students at Johns Hopkins University, helping to advise innovative companies within the thriving industries of life-sciences and healthcare — historically consulting companies and startups that have brought in more than $200 million in grants and total venture funding to date.

Nearly half of our team comes with experience from the JHU Biomedical Engineering Department, the top BME program in the nation. All of our BME consultants have worked in disruptive design teams, and groundbreaking research labs, helping to carry the torch through the cutting-edge world of medicine and science. The rest of our team comes seasoned with work experience from the top consulting firms, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and startups. This balance between business and science creates the perfect perspective and skillset to provide our clients with the expertise they need to tackle their issues and reach the next level, while fostering an environment that allows us to constantly learn from each other and be challenged.

Cobalt’s strategy is heavily oriented toward providing powerful value based on the experiences and skill sets of our consultants, helping to drive growth and maximize opportunities for our clients. We are excited to work with companies seeking to boldly transform their industries, starting with the flourishing biotechnology community in our home (Baltimore), as well as the greater DMV area and beyond.

If you are a company interested in a collaboration, feel welcome to fill out our ‘For Clients’ form on our website!

If you are a student interested in joining Cobalt, we encourage you to join our mailing list where we cover unique professional development opportunities within the life-sciences, healthcare and consulting space!

The newest student-run healthcare and life-sciences consulting group at the Johns Hopkins University